Assignment : 2/02/2023


Assignment: Proverbs Chapter 29:20 too End 

Instructions: Think about which words are repeated and what this does to emphasize the verses. Use a commentary to give you more information as you interpret the wisdom that the scriptures offer. A great one is the Moody Bible Commentary. Seek the Lord as you meditate (think upon deeply, search for meaning & understanding) on this selection for reading throughout the week.

Bonus for students: Grab a notebook to take notes as we engage in the Inductive Bible Study (IBS) process! Kay Arthur IBS Study guides  - Get a Proverbs Paperback

Assignment: Chapter 15( Kingdom Man )  Start at page 191 Kingdom man and his church life. Continue to the end of the chapter

 Read and take notes in your paper copy of the book. 
What does it mean to be a kingdom man in marriage?  Ponder what a covenant means.

Talk about it:
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