Assignment : 6/30/2022

Assignment: Proverbs Chapter 20:18-30 

Instructions: Think about which words are repeated and what this does to emphasize the verses. Use a commentary to give you more information as you interpret the wisdom that the scriptures offer. A great one is the Moody Bible Commentary. Seek the Lord as you meditate (think upon deeply, search for meaning & understanding) on this selection for reading throughout the week.

Bonus for students: Grab a notebook to take notes as we engage in the Inductive Bible Study (IBS) process! Kay Arthur IBS Study guides  - Get a Proverbs Paperback

Assignment: Chapter 13 ( Kingdom Man )

 Read and take notes in your paper copy of the book. 

Talk about it:
Deeper Dive

Spiritual maturity has been misdiagnosed.  You may not be mature if you lead a megachurch or a large ministry or lots of spiritual activity.  You are spiritually mature when you DAILY carry your cross and follow Him.  This requires knowing the Father's love and acceptance in your mind AND your heart: Loving Him with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength.  Then you can do what He calls you to do.
Fruit is the LAST thing that is produced.  The apple tree is an apple tree long before it bears fruit.  It just needs to mature to bear fruit.   - idea from Michael Coleman
Last week's quote:  In God's kingdom rule, living in fear of Him means taking Him seriously by letting your actions reflect your honor and respect for Him.  (Kingdom Man p. 158)
Does every area of your life reflect this?  Are you authentic?  Are you a man of integrity - nothing missing for the Master's use like a water container that has no cracks or holes?  Does your walk match your talk?

Play at your peak!
Prayerfully work on your mission statement as well as your goals for this year by using the Personal Achievement Blueprint. (PAB) using the Mighty Men’s Training Institute app, you can click at the bottom of the screen to go to the site.