MMTI Assignment ( Thursday ) : 10/5/2023


 Watch Intro on the IBS process 
 Purchase the paperbackNew Inductive Study Guide 1 John Study
 Purchase a copy of the IBS Companion Notebook to take notes as we engage in the Inductive Bible Study (IBS) process!
 Download the 1 John Study Schedule & Study Packet   ( updated 9/16/23 )
Bonus study essentials for students: Take the growth challenge!!  

 Assignment:  Complete Philemon - Week 1 - Days 4-7 in the New Inductive Study Guide 1 John Study
Instructions:  Pray before you dig in.  Goal is 10-15/day.  Think about which words are repeated and what this does to emphasize the verses. Seek the Lord as you meditate (think upon deeply, search for meaning & understanding)

Assignment: Kingdom Man Game Plan Summary ( Kingdom Man )  Start at page 212 - Personal Life

 Read and take notes in your paper copy of the book. 
Talk about it: Deeper Dive

 Step up to the challenge to engage with FES daily! -